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If you're facing an order to pay child support or considering emancipation, our trusted attorney is your first step. Come in to speak to our team at Megan S Seiber ESQ. today. We'll provide you with accurate information that you can rely on to make the right legal decisions for your future. 

We aid individuals who are facing child support concerns for the first time as well as modifications. Additionally, we work with juveniles considering emancipation.

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In many situations, individuals head to court without legal representation, only to find that a judge doesn't take them seriously or that they just do not have the information at hand that's necessary. When you work with our law firm, you'll have an experienced attorney by your side throughout the process. Contact Megan S Seiber ESQ today.

Contact Us for All Juvenile Law Matters, Including

  • Obtaining an order for child support
  • Divorce and paternity child support cases
  • Uncovering hidden assets from a parent
  • Obtaining modifications to existing agreements when financial changes occur
  • Work to obtain child support from delinquent individuals
  • Emancipation matters
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